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Cook & Hookers it is boys. Update on old 500K BYND long.


As requested

Not happy with the results as I expected Tilray short squeeze, which happened only partly. I sold these positions on 29th of July and 30th of July. Will try to screenshot inside the TWS next time I sell.

But since it worked out, GOLD for all my fellow WBS'ers, we need to stick together and gang up against wallstreet fam

EDIT: I know I misspelt coke so whatever

EDIT2: Just ignore BYND now. Don't go short, don't go long. Forget about this company forever. Don't even click on articles where they mention BYND

EDIT3: Maybe someone can make a script that gives auto gold? Im getting tired of clicking

EDIT4: Stop upvoting this post, otherwise /all will see it and I will run out of money

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Published by , 13.08.2019 at 21:09
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