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Regarding ADL.



(all opinions / statements are mine) Hi.

4Chan and other alt-right groups are spending a lot of time and effort trying to start some conspiracy theories about adl 'blackmailing' felix to donate them $50,000, which is completely false.

here and here are some of the 4chan posts trying to start this raid / hoax.

Please stop spamming the subreddit / youtube comment section about this.

I'm assuming the reason the comments on youtube are being deleted is because people are spamming the same comments / terms over and over and over again, leading the anti spam algorithim to believe it's a massive spam attack.

Felix donated to ADL. he is not controlled by, employed by or in any other way affiliated with the ADL.

TL;DR: alt-right trolls are trying to stir up yet another shitstorm. please don't give them what they want.

**Edit: Regardless of your opinion of the ADL, there is a MASSIVE brigade going on on /r/PewdiepieSubmissions right now with people trying to rile you guys up. i am working with the admins to mitigate this raid. It's completely valid to have concerns with orgs like ADL, but this is just insanity

i am not making this post to defend ADL. i am making this post to stop the insane amount of spam in /new.**


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Published by , 11.09.2019 at 05:39
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