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I am a 17 year old protest medic for the on-going Hong Kong protests, I helped treat a lot of injured protesters while they were protesting. AMA.


Hello there Reddit, I opened this account just to start this AMA for personal security reasons. With how the situation is progressing, I think that not even the volunteer medics will be spared.

I saw that other post where a protester set up an AMA and thought that maybe I could chime in as well.

I've been at the protests during weekends and holidays since I'm also currently in secondary school. I've witnessed first hand the injuries sustained by the protesters due to their participation in the movement and have been in a few situations where I almost got arrested.

You can ask me stuff about the injuries I've treated, my background, my opinions about the protests, or what I had for breakfast, anything goes :)

Here's a picture of my EMS vest along with my first aid certification in the cardholder, helmet, goggles, and 3M respirator as proof, let me know if you need more proof and I'll do my best to accommodate!

I will be answering questions as they keep coming in, so give me all ya got.

EDIT: Sorry for the clumsy title, I used the word protest 4 times in the same sentence oops

EDIT 2: I'm gonna go ahead and eat dinner, Ill be back to answering questions in an hour or so (7:42 PM HK time), thanks for all the questions so far guys!


A lot of people are asking me how I'm qualified to be a medic at 17. The word medic here is used loosely since Hong Kong people don't really see the term "medic" as anything more than "person who gives medical assistance" I'm sorry if that miscommunication led to some people thinking that I'm claiming to be a paramedic when I never was. I'm also going to give some details about my medical background as that seems to be an issue with a lot of people.

I am 17, and as soon as I was 13 my mom had started to push me to take medical and first aid related classes because (oh the stereotype) she wanted me to become a doctor. So I got my first aid certificate when I was 13. I gained a lot of interest in emergency medicine and I voluntarily signed up for a lot of different classes relating to medicine by various organizations (ITLS military + PHTLS). I had started providing event first aid with a local ambulance organization immediately after I got my first aid cert and started volunteering for the ambulance service when I turned 16. The highest certification I have is emergency medical responder, and I'm planning to get my EMT-B with a private organisation here as soon as I get enough money.

Is this enough qualification to be volunteering on the frontlines? I know a lot of people who have much less than me and a lot of people who have much more experience than me. Which is much like the situation with the protesters, some are there and are only willing to chant or sing, but others are there throwing molotovs and slinging shit at cops. But honestly, we're all just volunteers, and we're all just doing what we can to help the movement in the way that we can the best, and we're all stepping up cause we're all Hong Kongers.


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Published by , 09.10.2019 at 15:38
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