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AITA for not paying for the extra meal I accidentally ordered at a wedding?


My sixteen year old son and I went to a wedding. When we got the invitation, we both chose to order chicken for the main course. There was an option to select a kid's meal version of each dish, but I never considered ordering one for my son because he is too old for kid's meals. I sent in the RSVP card with our meal selections and never heard anything about it.

At the wedding, my son and I got our food, but the table was one chicken meal short. The waiter had a small plate of chicken fingers and fries, but everyone at the table told him it must be a mistake because we didn't have any kids sitting with us. The waiters were able to put together an extra chicken plate for the person who didn't get one, and it seemed all was well.

I later got a call from the bride's parents, who told me that the chicken fingers had been for my son, and that I had caused the caterer to charge them for the extra adult chicken meal. I told them my son had asked for the adult meal, but they said he should have had the kid's meal because he's under eighteen. They said I should have known he was meant to have a kid's meal and that I should have asked for clarification if I wasn't sure. But I wasn't unsure, I never thought for a second that my son would have a kid's meal. Ten and under I would think would have kid's meals and eleven to thirteen is questionable, but fourteen and up I would never think would have a kid's meal. The bride's parents told me it's normal for anyone under eighteen to get a kid's meal, but I've never heard of eighteen being the cutoff. I think it's rude to feed a sixteen year old a meal meant for a six year old.

WIBTA if I refused to pay for the extra meal and told them it was their mistake for changing my son's order? I know wedding meals are expensive, but I think this was their mistake.

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Published by , 11.09.2019 at 12:45
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